Cabins In Heaven

Our Heart’s Quest for the Lighted Path Home

Over het Boek

Er zijn momenten waarop het lijkt alsof een onzichtbare hand het gordijn tussen deze wereld en de andere terzijde schuift. Hemel en aarde komen samen in een tijdloze dans van diepe verwondering. Je kunt degenen zien die je zijn voorgegaan, hoewel je ogen gesloten zijn. En ze kunnen je hart horen spreken, hoewel je geen woorden uitspreekt.

In Cabins in Heaven ga je op een magische reis naar het onbekende, het mysterieuze en het onuitsprekelijke dat we allemaal in onszelf aanschouwen. Je kunt de schoonheid ervan voelen in de uitstraling van een zonsondergang, de onschuld van de glimlach van een kind, de warmte van de aanraking van een geliefde. In de gewone ervaringen van het dagelijks leven, wanneer je je hart opent en een glimp opvangt van een liefde die nooit sterft. Op momenten als deze, zoals je op de pagina’s van dit boek zult ontdekken, wordt je hoogste potentieel onthuld en worden je diepste verbindingen gelegd.

Ik hoop dat dit boek je zal inspireren om het licht van jouw waarheid te vinden terwijl je het licht in anderen voelt, en om de verandering te zijn die je in de wereld wilt zien. Zoals je zult zien terwijl je door de beproevingen, uitdagingen en geneugten van onze kleurrijke personages reist, is het moment altijd NU als het gaat om contact te leggen met onze verlangens en onze dromen te manifesteren. Door ons hart te openen en uit te reiken, kunnen we allemaal de tijdloze lamp van liefde vinden om ons te begeleiden op onze zoektocht naar het verlichte pad naar huis.


€ 20,- | 313 pagina’s. Paperback. Engeltalig.


A Little Piece of Heaven


This time it was her heaven. She had created it, and it was there whenever she wanted to see it. The dark sky. The dancing lights of the aurora and the countless bright stars, looking in from high above. The mountain with its lush meadows and rocky peaks covered in blankets of snow. The winding trail to her cabin, adorned by waves of mountain flowers, paying tribute to all those who were part of her heaven. It was everything and everyone she had ever loved … and even more.

The Grieving of a Mother


And then the news came. Jess had found Jimmy dead from an overdose in their bedroom. He was only twenty-four. Mary could see and feel the dreadful images more clearly and poignantly now. Running toward the paramedics as they solemnly wheeled his covered body into the back of the ambulance. Her heart-rending cries: “Jimmy! Oh no! Jimmy!” Walt grabbing her by the shoulders and pulling her close; his breathless, stifled sobs in her ears. Collapsing to the ground, shaking, as he rocked her. Pushing herself away from him and rushing after the ambulance…

Meeting her Son


Though there was no recollection of floating above her body, seeing loved ones who had already crossed the line, neither careening through a tunnel with light at the end, she had most definitely passed on to the other side, to what she had always imagined would be limitless spheres of mystifying meaning — if anything at all! Mary never expected an afterlife to involve her son in silly Jesus clothing and crashing in a friend’s cabin. Then, just as she had found spare moments of peace and surrender when Jimmy was ill on Earth, she tried not to think about it too much, and let it be.

The Cabin


The cabin is your spiritual heart, your soul, God’s sacred place. When the heart breaks and the mind is lost, that is the time for you, more than ever, to open the door and go in. The lamp inside is always burning, ready to guide, in a way that each person will know intimately and unmistakably. His light is your light. His heart is your heart. His life is your life. There is no separation. Just like you cannot tell where the ocean ends and the wave begins. It is all one movement, one dance. God is with you in every breath, no matter how weak or fierce. Whether you whisper or scream.

The Tears of a Child


I was so afraid I’d become like my bloody dad. We were just teenagers, and I didn’t want to poison my boy’s life with alcohol and … the dark shit my old man had fallen into. I just wanted him to live a normal life. Something I’d never known.” Angie and Steve nodded knowingly; they knew that path all too well. “And part of me got it, you know. When Mom died, something died in him too. Hope. Faith. Love for what he still had… Me. I was eight. Eight, for Christ’s sake!

The Voice


And once you truly hear my love song, you’ll dance through the days, even if it rains, the music making your heart sing. But don’t wait for me to provide all the magic! We move together, but you’ll have to do the walking, and talking, and be the change you want to see in the world. Some wonderful people in your history stepped up and did this, and I’m very proud of them. Take the simple, humble, man who freed India from the British Empire — or Gandhi, as you call him. I knew him in his nameless essence, but I know you prefer names, if only it were to fill your history books. Ha!

Visiting her Grave


Then her eyes fell on two people — an adult and child — standing by a family grave a little farther ahead. She glided toward them with the surprising exuberance of a newbie, but halted when she was close enough for the words on the stone to jump out and land in her heart. This was where she, Walt, and Jimmy were buried! Strangely, though, she didn’t feel sad. This was not her! She was here, fully alive in her new world, and those were only the dusty remains of the human coat she once wore.

The Way Out


The doors to the cabins may appear narrow, but there are many. They can be accessed from here, from higher heavens, from Earth, even from hellish places. Wherever and whenever the heart yearns for it. By reaching out, you are really turning inward, attaining freedom. Healing comes when you realize that what you were searching for all this time is exactly the place you were looking from. As I have said, in is the only way out!

The Voice


Here’s what I know about carrying heavy loads and how to lighten them. Everyone has doubts. Everyone feels lost at times. Everyone’s trying to connect, even when they’re lashing out at the world because of the turmoil in their hearts. I feel it too! This is my universe, remember? We are one. Your heart is in mine. Your eyes are in mine. Your hands are in mine. So when you call out in torment or prayer, you’re calling my name, opening my heart. That’s how true changes happen. Some call it miracles, but hey, that’s only a matter of perspective.

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