Journey into the Soul

A Man’s Story Back Into The Light

Over het Boek

Journey Into The Soul is het verhaal van mijn leven, de reizen die ik heb gemaakt, de vele omwegen en doornen en rozen langs de weg en, uiteindelijk, mijn terugkeer naar huis. Het is het verhaal van het verkrijgen van inzicht dat elke ervaring een noodzakelijke schakel in in de keten van je leven, waar alles zijn plaats heeft, en elke plaats uiteindelijk een goede blijkt te zijn. Dit boek gaat echter niet alleen over mij. Het is ook het verhaal van jouw leven.

Beste lezer, je staat op het punt om op de reis van je leven te maken. En ik vertrouw erop dat je in jouw heilige, stille ruimte je eigen leraar zult ontmoeten. Misschien ben je verdwaald in je innerlijke wereld. Misschien ben je verdronken in de verwarring van je gedachten en emoties. Of misschien heb je geloofd dat de vele afleidingen in de wereld je het blijvende geluk zouden brengen waar je altijd naar hebt gezocht.

Het maakt niet uit wat er tot nu toe is gebeurd. Het enige moment waarop transformatie plaatsvindt, is namelijk het huidige moment. Pak daarom nu mijn hand en laten we samen lopen. Open de deur naar je hart, zodat ik er doorheen kan lopen en we een brug kunnen bouwen tussen onze zielen. De reis terug naar huis begint hier. En ik zal vlak naast je staan, niet ver van je pad, zelfs op momenten dat je me uit het oog bent verloren. Ik beloof het…


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Journey into the sould


The Soul's Blueprint


There is no blackboard in the sky on which the outcomes and the experiences in your life have been written down in full detail. However, the soul does make a blueprint in headlines for this particular life-time, but this is merely a broad outline of what it wants to experience. The playing field is set but which games you are going to play and how, that’s totally up to you. There are no certainties in the universe, only possibilities, and nothing is set in stone.

Live by Example


Live by example because people will forget your words overtime, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Find heaven within and others who touch your life will find it too. Slowly but surely the light spreads out into the world. Once it has reached the critical mass and has gained momentum, its impulse cannot be stopped, and things really start to speed up. The light attracts more and more light and all these lights will create an enormous network that eventually enlighten everyone and everything.

Only Now


Everything you call the past or the future is happening right now. So, if you go to a place and you feel you have been there before, it’s the soul letting you know that it already knows this place. It has been there before, although the word ‘before’ is not completely correct. Also in your dreams the soul gives you glimpses of insight of what you would call the past and future. It can go backward and forward in time, increasing its speed at one time and decreasing it another time. Like a helicopter.

You are Not your Stories


Remember that you have thoughts, but you are not your thoughts. You have emotions, but you are not your emotions, and your five senses register the experiences in the outside world, but you are more than your five senses. You are the one who is thinking the thoughts, feeling your emotions, and using your senses to experience the outside world. And don’t believe everything your thoughts are telling you. Just let them be as they are and don’t make them any more important than they are. They are just mind made stories, illusions, that’s all.



You will never outperform your beliefs. Beliefs about yourself set the stage for what you think is possible for you to do, have, and be. Beliefs about people create expectations about your interaction with them, which determines for a large part the kind of relationships you will have. Beliefs about life determine what you expect life to bring you, whether this is good luck or bad luck, pain or pleasure, eternal life or just this one lifetime. Finally, beliefs about God determine the way in which you see God’s works in life and your personal relationship with the divine.

Reality is Not What You Think it is


You have to understand that you don’t see reality as it is, you see it as you think it is. Every experience is filtered by the old beliefs and mental constructions you have created in your mind; only if the experience matches the mind’s old story – the old beliefs – it becomes part of the new story. As the mind uses the brain as its physical tool to process information, that’s how your brain works on the automatic pilot. New experiences are always compared with old matching memories to reconfirm what is already known.

Love Heals


Life inspires everyone, if only you are willing to open your heart and listen to the silent whisper within. All that happened to you in your life was exactly as was supposed to happen, don’t have any doubt about that. Just allow this inner process to take place and don’t interfere with the mind to try and control this process, or find any rational explanation for it, because it won’t be of service to you. Old wounds in your heart are now ready to be healed, and when you allow this inner pain to be, you will notice love washes it all away. Don’t resist, because only a mind full of acceptance allows a broken heart to be healed.

Be 'All In'


The only way to express yourself and create the life that honors your values and the soul’s calling is through experience. Dare to make mistakes, learn from them and try to do better next time. Be “all in”, not only with your mind and body, but most of all with your heart. You can’t find life’s hidden treasures, when you remain a spectator watching from the side-line; you need to throw yourself into the game with all your energy. Life rewards the courageous, not the scared; and the ones who win the trophies are the players, not the spectators.

Positive Thinking

Positive thinking and having a positive self-image is indeed one step forward on any path back into the light, but it’s not the final stage of your spiritual awakening. It only creates changes on the surface; you will feel better about yourself, make better decisions, and the results in your life will certainly improve, but the changes will not go any deeper than that. Thoughts and emotions only create changes on the level of the mind, not on the soul’s level. So the work you have done is valuable, but the pitfall is that you may actually have made your ‘ego’ – the one who you think you are – even bigger.” 

‘Journey Into The Soul’ – Angelo Meijers

Fall into the Heart


Only when you fall from the head into the heart do you move beyond what you think you are, and you experience directly who you really are. Instead of having a relationship with the image of yourself – the one you see through the veil of your mind – you are now in the heart of yourself, reunited with the soul. Instead of two there is only one left. You have transcended all self-concepts and experience directly the one who is always there, no matter what you think about yourself or what others think about you. Once you were lost, but now you have come home.

The Seat of the Heart


Nothing feels more like home than resting in the seat of love, and you will only know when you become silent and feel where the silence is taking you. When the chatter of your thoughts has come to a standstill, when the storm of your emotions has died down, and when the body has come to rest, that’s when the door opens, leading you into the seat of your heart. The place where you have lost any sense of self, any concept of self. The place where you only hear the sound of silence.

The Soul and Me


When you are born, the soul incarnates into a world of duality, a world of time and space it is not used to. Through the person’s life the soul witnesses pain and suffering as well as joy and love. It sees tears, feels despair, and comes to know the darkness as well as the light as an experience. Gradually the personality starts to grow and layers are added around the beautiful treasure the soul is. While the person is becoming so absorbed in all his experiences, the soul is getting lost. This is when it looks like the person and the soul have become two separate entities.



Death is not the opposite of life but of birth, and both birth and death are part of the continuum of life. In the cosmic dance of the universe nothing gets lost and nothing dies; consciousness only changes form. The dancers keep changing continuously, but the dance always remains. You are the dance, expressing yourself in the transient form of a dancer.